Molecular Biology & Biomarker Analytics

QPS Austria’s department of Translational Medicine offers a selection of molecular biological methods for the investigation of various diseases. The unit supports in vitro and in vivo studies performed at QPS Austria. However with the same techniques routine sample analyses from external preclinical or clinical studies is performed. Using the same methods for cell culture, animal and human samples brings your compound faster forward.

Specifics of the readouts depend on the indication. Please see the respective in vitro and in vivo models for the most relevant readout of each model.

For example our main readout for AD is the analyses of different Abeta species. In animal models as well as in humans we routinely analyze brain and CSF samples for Abeta 38/40/42 and tau/ptau levels.

QPS Neuro A4 - Amorfix Aggregated Abeta AssayAdditionally, A4 (Amorfix Aggregated Abeta Assay)exclusively licensed to QPS Austria – serves as a unique screening tool, which enables the fast, highly sensitive and cost efficient detection of Abeta oligomers in diverse biological samples.

Furthermore, customized assays can be set up and validated, cloning and transfection of cell lines can be performed.


Molecular Biology & Biomarker Analytics - SamplesWe provide fast in-house processing by experienced and well-trained staff and work with highly reliable shipping companies to guarantee safe transfer of your valuable samples. In general all kinds of S1 and S2 sample types can be analyzed. This includes samples from in house or external in vivo studies (mouse/rat/guinea pig), samples from cell culture models (human, mouse, rat, chicken) or human subjects / patients from clinical studies.

  • Tissues
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Blood, plasma, serum
  • Urine
  • Cell extracts & supernatants
  • In vitro protein aggregation


Sample Processing

Molecular Biology & Biomarker Analytics - Sample ProcessingTissue samples are routinely prepared and fractionized according to established methods.

  • Brain tissue e.g. processed to soluble or insoluble fractions
  • Extraction and purification of DNA/RNA/protein


Sample Analysis

QPS Neuro Molecular Biolgy & Biomarker Analytics - Measurement - Sample Analysis - Our tissue sampling team is highly trained to dissect a plethora of different tissues from mice and rats. Different euthanasia and perfusion methods can be performed depending on your experimental needs. Can’t find what you are looking for? We are constantly establishing new methods and would be glad to develop dissections according to your requirements.

Besides standard techniques for protein quantification and enzyme activity assessment, with colorimetric, fluorescence or luminescence detection, like:

  • Western blotting
  • Enzymatic assays (e.g. Monoamine Oxidase, Acetyl/Butylcholinesterase activity)

We also offer protein analysis with all kits from the MSD platform (Mesoscale Discovery). By using this multiplex electrochemiluminescence immunosorbent assay technique, low sample volumes can be used to obtain several readouts within one measurement.

Additionally also the areas of oxidative stress and lipid metabolism can be investigated in house:

  • Colorimetric assays such as TBARS assay for oxidative stress
  • Assessment of total cholesterol levels in plasma and tissues

If you are interested in gene expression and mRNA analysis, we can also investigate your samples with:

  • Quantitative real-time PCR/gene expression analysis for any gene of interest
  • Standard PCR for any gene of interest

Furthermore, customized assays can be set up and validated, cloning and transfection of cell lines can be performed.


Statistics & Reporting

QPS Neuro Histology - data analysis and statistical evaluationStatistical Data Analysis

  • Professional statistical data analysis (unbiased and representative) performed by our team of scientists and biostatisticians
  • Conscientious quality checks of measurements and results

Reporting of Experiments and Results

  • At the end of each study our customers receive a full study report including all experimental procedures, qualitative and quantitative assessment of the results, as well a comprehensive statistical analysis
  • Constant updates throughout the study are provided if desired