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The Company

QPS Austria (part of QPS Holdings) is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) providing preclinical as well as clinical research services.

About QPS Neuropharmacology

The portfolio of our preclinical Neuropharmacology group covers various validated transgenic and non-transgenic in vivo and in vitro models for neurodegeneration such as AD, PD, for orphan diseases including HD and ALS , for lipid storage disease and dyslipidemia, and for diseases like psychosis, anxiety, schizophrenia, or autism.

While many of our models are solely available at QPS Neuropharmacology, all of them are well characterized in house and published in peer reviewed high impact journals. Besides in vivo research we also offer biochemical and histological analyses. To support our clients in the best possible way, we use or adapt existing models, or establish new models specific to your research focus.

QPS Austria Neuropharmacology is AAALAC accredited. This quality seal combined with over 15 years experience and a vast amount of historic data are a clear asset for our clients, who range from international biotech and pharma companies to academia and other non-profit organizations. We assist with designing a developmental plan for your small molecules or biologics and together with our DMPK and Toxicology colleagues we help you navigate toward clinical research.

QPS Austria AAALAC accredidation logo

Animal Facility

  • 750m² (>8,000 sq ft) animal facility
  • 9 rooms for animal housing equipped  with IVCs
  • 7 rooms  for the performance of behavioral research equipped with state of the art instruments
  • Up to date animal housing and hygienic equipment as well as facility layout to ensure efficient accomplishment of in vivo projects


QPS Neuro - Animal Facility
QPS Neuro - Cell Culture Laboratories

Cell Culture Laboratories

  • Biosafety level 1 and 2 laboratories
  • Automated cell and tissue culture image processing hard and software
  • Cutting edge evaluation equipment


Histology Laboratories

  • Fully equipped histology laboratories for all fixation, tissue  processing, sectioning and staining
  • Modern image capture equipment
  • State of the art image processing hard- and software


QPS Neuro - Histology Laboratories
QPS Neuro - Biochemistry Laboratories

Biochemistry Laboratories

  • Protein-biochemistry laboratories outfitted for cutting edge techniques incl. aggregation studies
  • State of the art equipment for biochemical determinations (fluorometry, densitometry…) including biomarker evaluations (MSD imager and others)


Specifically Protected Archive with gas operated fire extinguishing system for secure long-term storage of study material, e.g. raw data and reports.