Cell Culture Models

QPS Austria offers functional screening of test compounds in a variety of cell culture models including primary neurons from different species as well as cell lines.

We provide custom tailored cell culture systems and would be happy to establish new primary cell culture systems or generate novel transgenic cell lines for you.

Primary Cells

Embryonic and Postnatal Rat and Mouse Neurons

  • Hippocampal neurons
  • Cortical neurons
  • Dopaminergic neurons from the ventral mesencephalon

Rat and Murine Glial Cultures

  • Astrocytes
  • Microglia

Embryonic Chicken Neurons

  • Mesencephalic neurons
  • Telencephalic neurons


Cell Lines
  • SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells
  • RN (B103) rat neuroblastoma cells
  • Neuro-2a murine neuroblastoma cells
  • BV-2 murine microglial cells
  • C6 rat microglial cells
  • HepG2 cells
  • PC12 cells
  • ARPE-19 cells
  • Hela cells
  • CHO cells
  • Human fibroblasts from PD, LHON and FRDA patients
Transgenic Cell Lines
  • SH-SY5Y overexpressing Tau441-V337M/R406Wcells
  • SH-SY5Y overexpressing truncated Tau441
  • H4 cells overexpressing human APP with the Swedish and London mutation
  • RN cells overexpressing APP751
  • RN cells overexpressing APP751 with Austrian mutation
  • SH-SY5Y and RN overexpressing wildtype alpha-synuclein or synuclein A53T
  • SH-SY5Y cells overexpressing beta-synuclein
  • SH-SY5Y overexpressing wildtype TARDBP43 (TDP43)
Organotypic Brain Slices
  • Hippocampal or total organotypic brain slices from mouse pups
  • We are experienced in performing in vitro and in vivo assays using lentivirus (LV) or adeno-associated virus (AAV).