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June 2019

CAA – independent risk factor for cognitive dysfunction of Alzheimer’s disease

QPS Austria is your partner for visualization and quantification of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA) in murine tissues. Here we evaluated CAA in APPSL and 5xFAD transgenic animals by measuring the overlap of 6E10 and collagen IV labeling in the isocortex and hippocampus. The strongest progressive increase of CAA signal could be measured in APPSL mice from 6 to 12 months. In 5xFAD mice the total CAA signal was already high at 6 month of age resulting in a weaker signal increase in later age groups. These data suggest, that both mouse models display a progressive and robust vascular CAA pathology, an independent risk factor for cognitive dysfunction of Alzheimer’s disease.



Figure 1: Progression of CAA in different brain areas of APPSL and 5xFAD mice over age. A: Increase of CAA over age in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus measured in overlap with collagen IV labeling expressed as sum immunoreactive (IR) signal normalized to 12 month old transgenic animals. Two-way ANOVA with Bonferroni’s post hoc test, n = 6 per group, females only. *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001. ntg: non-transgenic animal. B: Representative images of amyloid by 6E10 labeling (green) on collagen IV (red) positive vessels (submeningeal arteries) in APPSL mice over age compared to a non-transgenic littermate (ntg). Nuclei are labeled with DAPI (blue).

Meet us at the AAIC 2019 conference in Los Angeles, California, USA

The QPS Austria Neuropharmacology team will attend the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2019 and are pleased to meet you at our booth # 212.

Additionally, our scientists are presenting our newest research results in four posters:

14th of July

P1-112: „PROGRESSIVE INCREASE OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE PATHOLOGY IN 5XFAD TRANSGENIC MICE” Tina Loeffler, Magdalena Temmel, Jörg Neddens, Irene Schilcher, Birgit Hutter-Paier.

16th of July

P3-113: “UNTANGLING ALZHEIMER´S DISEASE HALLMARKS IN SENSORY SYSTEMS OF RODENT MODELS” ” Joerg Neddens, Magdalena Temmel, Meritxell Aguilo Garcia, Tina Loeffler, Irati Aiestaran Zelaia, Vera Niederkofler, Stefanie Flunkert, Birgit Hutter-Paier.

17th of July

P4-061“TAU PHOSPHORYLATION PROFILE OF HTAU TRANSGENIC MICE” ” Joerg Neddens, Tina Loeffler, Magdalena Temmel, Irene Schilcher, David Amschl, Birgit Hutter-Paier

P4-062: “IN VITRO MODELS TO STUDY TAU AGGREGATION, PHOSPHORYLATION AND UPTAKE” ” Tina Loeffler, Irene Schilcher, Stefanie Flunkert, Birgit Hutter-Paier

Join us from July 14-18 in the Los Angeles Convention Center, California, USA