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Although QPS is complying with all government regulations for social distancing and allowing employees who can, to work from home, QPS Neuropharmacology is up and running. Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss your research needs.

Welcome to QPS Neuropharmacology

QPS Neuropharmacology is the division of QPS that focuses on preclinical studies in CNS diseases, Rare Diseases and Mental Disorders. The on-site availability of highly predictive disease models and unparalleled experience with studies performed for biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes makes QPS Neuropharmacology the first choice for most CNS drug development needs.

Validated transgenic and non-transgenic in vitro and in vivo models cover most targets of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), Niemann-Pick Disease (NPC1), Gaucher Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Schizophrenia, Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD) and other neurodegenerative and rare diseases.

QPS is a global contract research organization (CRO) providing discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development services since 1995. Our mission is to accelerate pharmaceutical breakthroughs across the globe by delivering custom-built research services. An award-winning leader in the CRO industry, QPS is known for proven quality standards, technical expertise, a flexible approach to research, client satisfaction and turnkey laboratories and facilities.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority
  • Your timeline is our timeline
  • Every study is custom-built
  • Scientific input to study design and data interpretation
  • Extensive experience with virtually all drug targets and treatment types
  • Wide range of validated models and techniques for comprehensive compound tests from a single source
  • AAALAC certification ensures highest quality standards


Latest News

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, AAIC 2020

QPS will be exhibiting at
Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, AAIC 2020
July 27-31, 2020

Visit our virtual booth to meet our team and learn more about how we can help to
make your preclinical and clinical drug development process a success.
We are available for a LIVE exhibit chat Monday – Thursday from
8:00-8:30 a.m. and 9:30-10:00 a.m. CST
(15:00-15:30 and 16:30-17:00 CEST).

While you are attending the virtual halls of AAIC 2020,
please remember to visit our posters:

POSTER #42825 “Neurofilament-light chain in murine models of neurodegenerative and rare diseases”
Irene Schilcher, Tina Loeffler, Stefanie Flunkert, Birgit Hutter-Paier

POSTER #42691 “Inflammasome activation and reduced sTREM2 release in LPS stimulated organotypic brain slices”
Irene Schilcher, Tina Loeffler, Stefanie Flunkert, Birgit Hutter-Paier

POSTER #42853 “Correlation of Aβ-pE(3) and ptau in human and mouse brain”
Magdalena Temmel, Joerg Neddens, Stefanie Flunkert, Lauren Walker, Johannes Attems, Birgit Hutter-Paier

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