Cellular Imaging & Analysis

Cell culture models are analyzed for different parameters to characterize and quantify effects of test substances. Choose from our abundant supply of assays or let us help you to find the perfect solution for your screening assay using a customized Cellular Imaging and Analysis assay provided by QPS Austria.

Cell Survival
  • MTT
  • Calcein-AM
  • LDH
Cell Death
  • Necrosis (Propidium iodide)
  • Apoptosis (YOPRO, Caspase-3 activity, Mitochondria related assays)
  • Abeta1-38, Abeta1-40, Abeta1-42, sAPP-alpha, sAPP-beta
  • Tau and phospho Tau profile
  • Signal transduction molecules
  • Inflammation markers (e.g. Prostaglandin E2)
  • Cytokine Profile
  • Neuronal markers (beta-III tubulin, neurofilament, MAP2, tyrosine hydroxylase)‏
  • Glial markers (GFAP, CD11b)‏
  • Disease related markers (Tau, phosphorylated Tau, signaling molecules, synuclein)‏
  • Synaptic proteins (synaptophysin)‏
Western Blotting
  • Synaptic proteins (glutamate receptor 1, NMDA receptors, synaptophysin, drebrin) e.g. from matured hippocampal neurons
  • Tau and phospho-Tau isoforms
  • Abeta peptide profile, Abeta aggregation assays
  • Cell signaling molecules
  • TDP43
  • Synuclein
Automated cellular imaging using makro-based software solutions
  • Area or object measurements (e.g. neurodegeneration of TH neurons, see also Histology)‏
  • Number of neurites, total length of neurites, length of longest neurite (e.g. Neurite Outgrowth)
  • BrdU positive neurons (e.g. Neurogenesis)